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We are the brothers Paul and Steven Smith, the owners of Hotel Fonda Vela, who grew up on this property and built and manage the Hotel. Our goal is to promote a greater understanding of the environment. We encourage our guests and visitors to experience this unique habitat.

In 1951, Quakers from the State of Alabama, U.S.A., migrated to Monteverde in pursuit of a peaceful lifestyle. Since 1951, about 6000 people have settled in the Santa Elena/Monteverde area. Hotel Fonda Vela is located in the Monteverde community and, like the first Quaker settlers, promotes the ideals of peace, friendship, and harmony with nature even though we are not Quakers. In 1972, the naturalist George Powell began a conservation effort now known as the Monteverde Reserve. The Reserve has become a premier example of a cloud forest ecosystem. In 1987, we felt that our farm, close to the Reserve, was a perfect place to host visitors to the area. In 1990, we started the Hotel Fonda Vela to provide luxurious accommodations in harmony with the surrounding wonder and beauty of nature. We hope that you will visit us in this unique and beautiful area.