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Throughout the Fonda Vela you will find many paintings of Paul Warren Smith, the owners' father, and an early settler of the property. His works, along with other artists of the Monteverde community, reflect the rare beauty and tranquility of the cloud forest. Paul Jr. and Steven Smith are the owners of Hotel Fonda Vela. Their father, Paul Smith Sr., is an accomplished artist in many mediums. Over the past 30 years, Paul created most of the 450 paintings which hang in many of the Hotel buildings and rooms. His work can also be found in restaurants, shops, and offices in the Monteverde area, art that has taken him to such diverse countries as Canada, the United States, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina.

Paul Sr. and his Chilean wife, Sylvia, came to Monteverde from Canada in the early 1970's. He bought a farm (on which the hotel is now located), milked cows, raised a family, became a craftsman of fine violins and violas, an amateur violist, and an artist. In his 70's, Paul Sr. continues his art, inspired by his travels to various countries. He works outdoors at the site of his subject, and attributes his free brush strokes and artistic vitality to this method of "en plein air". This wonderful collection of paintings is not only the story of Paul Sr's life, but also a lasting patrimony to the family hotel and a treasure to be enjoyed by Hotel Fonda Vela's guests.

Paul Smith Blog.

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